C-Farms for Carbon Removal

A system for profitable and natural carbon removal, augmented by technology.
Carbon-negative aragonite for the construction and 3D printing industries.
Bioactive compounds for the health and biologics industries.

What's a C-Farm?

A C-Farm is a shallow seawater farm whose crop is one or more species of algae with calcium carbonate skeletons. We're building a profitable carbon removal system through coastal algae farms that produce calcium carbonate and bioactive compounds as products.

Problems. Solved.

When growing algae that are 80% calcium carbonate as aragonite, what can be done with all the tonnes of material? Plenty. From building materials to additive manufacturing, aragonite can be used in ways that prevent the CO2 from getting back into the atmosphere. Calcium carbonate in general can be made into a carbon-negative cement for use in the construction industry. And there is also the 3D printing of calcium carbonate into a wide array of solid products.

What of the remaining 20%? The liquid extract contains naturally-produced chemicals that have already shown promise as antiviral and even anticancer compounds. We are seeking companies wishing to partner with us to develop out this resource. This would bring even more value to these algae, above and beyond that of calcium carbonate.

How many tonnes are possible? Have a look at the range map below to see where we could expand. Considering that cement is the most used product by weight in the world, there will surely be demand for more cement, and especially for its carbon-negative alternatives.

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